enterprise education

who are we ?

The Enterprise in Education Partnership specialise in designing and delivering a range of high quality bespoke programmes which support a skill base leading to successful employment. These programmes can be delivered to small and large groups of people over a period ranging from a ½ day to a series of one day events.

Our programmes are delivered by a team of experienced staff who are dedicated to breaking down barriers which may have precluded many people from reaching their full potential. Each member of the team will have extensive experience in working with young people and engaging them in a number of activities that are designed to build confidence levels. This is the first step towards building aspirations which can lead to successful and fulfilling employment.

By working closely with key business partners in the community in the design and deliver stage of each programme, we can ensure that the content of each programme reflects current business trends as well as the challenges facing the business world today. This is vital in preparing young people for the world of work.

By developing a range of employability skills which are tailored to meet the individual’s needs, we aim to ensure the pathway to successful employment is accessible by all.